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Knowing the distinctions between the top coat and base coat is essential before you begin practicing self-polishing.

Unfortunately, many of us rush through the manicure because we don’t fully understand the advantages of utilizing a Glossy Top Coat or No Sticky Top Coat in a hurry.

Glossy Top Coat

It’s critical to understand the advantages of applying both a base coat and a top coat.

Base Coat

Before you apply the desired nail paint, you first apply the base coat to your nails. Although some products mix the base coat and top coat, they may not be as effective since they are each make for a particular function. However, the use of a base coat has the following advantages.

No Sticky Top Coat

Top Coat

A clear top coat is typically put on top of cure nail paint. They produce a barrier surface that keeps the nail polish from flaking and gives it a gloss-shine appearance. The following are some advantages of utilizing a top coat:

1Top coat provides applied nail paint a high gloss and sheen and makes it feel smooth.
2 It keeps your manicure looking young and fresh for a longer time.
• It conceals tiny imperfections on your nails like dents and lines that you unintentionally paint over before the nail polish dries fully.

Suppose your budget permits investing in a reputable brand’s specialized top and base coat. Keeping these things in mind, you can attempt to perform your mani at home without worrying about maintaining strong, healthy nails.

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