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The goal of using a diagnostic Heavy Duty Scanner is to obtain the diagnostic issue codes that your car generates when it finds a problem. Then, when you take it into a garage, mechanics do the same procedure, but with better, more capable equipment.

Fix the issue

Now that you’ve gathered some basic diagnostic data with Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader, it’s time to get down to business. This final phase is entirely dependent on your mechanical knowledge and experience.

Option 1: Repair the issue yourself.

If you have any knowledge and expertise with vehicle maintenance, the fault codes/descriptions you have should help you locate and resolve the problem.

Remember that trouble-code notifications aren’t always related to the faulty part and could be a sign of something else.

The best method to fix problems on your own is to use basic diagnostic tools. Mechanics have better diagnostic tools that can monitor more systems and information.

Option 2: Hire a qualified mechanic.

Whether you lack skills or the means to solve the problem(s) yourself, hiring a professional mechanic is always good. Yes, some auto repairs are costly, but you can easily spend more money on specialized tools or correcting your errors.

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