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Singapore Pools is the national lottery provider in Singapore, offering a range of games, including 4D, Toto, and Sweep. 4D is one of the most popular games among locals and tourists alike, with draws occurring thrice a week on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Tips for checking 4D results in Singapore

If you are planning to check the 4D Result Singapore, here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Check the results regularly: Since the 4D draws occur thrice a week, it’s a good idea to check the results regularly to take advantage of all potential winnings.
  2. Use multiple sources: While the Singapore Pools website is the official source for 4D results, double-checking the results with other sources, such as mobile apps or newspaper publications, is always a good idea.
  3. Keep your ticket safe: If you have purchased a 4D ticket, keep it safe, as you will need it to claim any winnings.
  4. Understand the different betting options: There are various ways to bet on 4D Result Singapore, so it’s important to understand the options available and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.


4D is a popular lottery game in Singapore that allows players to win big. By following the tips mentioned in this blog, you can check the 4D results effectively and increase your chances of winning. However, it’s important to remember to gamble responsibly and within your means.


Q. What is the minimum age to play 4D in Singapore?

A. The minimum age to play 4D in Singapore is 18 years old.

Q. What is the maximum payout for 4D in Singapore?

A. The maximum payout for 4D in Singapore is $2,000,000.

Q. Can I claim my 4D winnings if I lose my ticket?

A. No, you cannot claim your 4D winnings if you lose your ticket, as it proves your winning number.

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