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Medical interpreters in Spanish assist patients in understanding their diagnoses by accurately interpreting what their doctors and nurses say. Fluency in Spanish and English is essential, and they frequently need to demonstrate their proficiency with a certificate from a language testing agency. Understanding basic medical terminologies and being culturally sensitive is essential for becoming a medical interpreter. Once a candidate has met the language test’s essential prerequisites and medical training, they can apply to become certified Spanish medical interpreter through one of two US organizations, CCHI or NBCMI.

If you want to work as a healthcare interpreter, you must have linguistic proficiency in both English and Spanish.

CCHI and NBMI both require applicants to demonstrate their language proficiency.

Candidates must submit one of the following documents to become a certified Spanish medical interpreter:

● High school diploma or its equivalent, with Spanish classes.
● Certification of completion of extensive postsecondary coursework, with the majority of classes taught in Spanish.
● Time spent studying or working in a country where Spanish was required.
● Obtaining the required score on a Spanish proficiency test administered by a reputable testing organization such as Parrot. An ILR-2 or higher is required.
● We assist you in obtaining a triple-verified rating to demonstrate your language abilities. It’s simple to test and certify your language skills online.
● Certification as an interpreter or translator.

After these prerequisites have been verified and the application has been approved, the candidate must pass a knowledge-based written exam as well as a performance-based oral exam in order to earn a CCHI certification. The exam assesses candidates’ knowledge of medical terminology, protocols for communicating with medical professionals in Spanish, and accurate interpretation. Those who pass the exams are designated as Spanish Certified Healthcare Interpreters.

NBCMI, on the other hand, awards Hub-CMI certification upon completion of the written exams. Following that, a candidate has two years to complete the CMI oral assessment. You must score at least 70% to pass the oral exam and become a certified Spanish medical interpreter.

Spanish medical interpreter

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